Wat kan technologie in de klas?

In deze video van 15 minuten vertelt Ines over hoe wij leren en welke rol technologie heeft in het ervaring gebaseerd leren. Maar ook op welke uitdagingen zowel onderwijs als technologie vandaag botsen en hoe dat nu verder moet.


Technology in the classroom: time to experiment!

Yesterday I was invited to share my views on technology in the classroom to a group of 25 educational experts. Here’s a brief overview of some of the topics.

Experience based learning

The biggest impact technology can have in teaching is by creating a realistic environment. We learn faster and better in an environment that gives us lots of stimuli and lots of useful feedback on our interactions with the new material.

the circular learning process

I introduced my audience to examples of experience based learning like the collaboration between English students in Brazil and people at a retirement home in the US. You can watch that moving story here. It gives me goose bumps every time I watch it!

I also made them remember their geography classes and presented how that class would never be the same again thanks to a smart sandbox ( and we watched how augmented reality could help electronics students work and learn at their own pace. We also looked at the power of artificial intelligence and the effect it has on small children in Cognitoys.

Virtual reality

And then I really got out the big surprises when we watched virtual reality, thanks to a Google Cardboard and the fabulous virtual reality documentaries of VRSE. Having never experienced virtual reality before, it had a stunning effect on them.

Inspire and experiment

I hope these examples inspire people. Give them ideas on how much more realistic an environment we can create thanks to technology. These examples show how a lot of things can be done, today, with readily available hardware and experimental software. Because this is the time for experimenting. So many things are being invented that could be turned into learning experiences. Today no one has a ready answer on how to integrate these in a school environment and curriculum. Therefore it is up to everyone in education to experiment and learn. If there was ever a time to do crazy stuff; this is the time!


Café Weltschmerz

Omdat wij houden van dissonante stemmen kon een video van Café Weltschmerz niet ontbreken. In dit gesprek met Arjen Kamphuis kom je dingen te weten over;

  • technologie in het onderwijs en wat daar foutloopt
  • data security en de onwetendheid daarrond
  • wat er fout is aan innovatie als doel op zich
  • hoe je een Nederlandse sluisdeur openzet

Fast Moving Targets

Wij zijn grote fan van het werk van Fast Moving Targets! Ze maken heel boeiende content en doen dat op geheel eigen wijze. Onze keuze gaat deze keer naar een gesprek over Internet of Things en hoe een vrij en open Internet of things echt realiteit kan worden.


Meer van dit moois kan je op hun website vinden: